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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Am I Being Followed?

Do you ever notice the ads inserted on the websites you frequent?

Me either. Usually.

But every once in a while, something does catch my eye as I scroll down Facebook or a news site or even my own blog.

Today it was Singles.

I was prompted to click to Meet Singles. The default choice was women and the selected age range was in the thirties.

This did not bother me.

The thing that bothered me was the selection of prospective matches pictured.

Even though this company had correctly identified the city I currently reside in, the suggested matches were the same women displayed when I lived 3 time zones away.

Is this a case of me being followed by a group of stalkers?

Do they have twins out here on the coast or do they commute?

One day I expect that the companies will become so adept at figuring out my preferences that they will realize I have never once clicked on one of these ads.

On that day the sidebar of my browser will be blank and Amazon will not suggest a green leather toaster.

And until that day...

Friday, August 4, 2017

Quite A Bit Later

I’ve moved to the west coast which is a three hour time difference from where I used to be.


I can now stay up 3 hours later and sleep in 3 hours later.

In the time between the move and August of 2017 I have put on a few pounds.

I have now cut out the coconut oil which has a bunch of extra calories I don’t need and frankly made everything taste like coconut.

I started the South Beach Diet and have lost a disappointing 5 pounds despite sticking with Stage 1 of the diet for over a month. Give or take a few Purdy’s Chocolate Hedgehogs. Disappointing because all the testimonials said dieters usually experienced greater weight loss.

I guess mileage may vary.

I haven’t been exercising as much as usual but I don't think that is it.

I have found the problem.

My sister came here to visit and made me eat in restaurants. That’s the problem because you have to eat more in a restaurant when company is visiting.

It is my sister’s fault.

My doctor also suggested I add more green to my diet.

I’m thinking lime jello.

And now a black T-Shirt on procrastinating...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Crowd

I read an article about the City and some organisations looking at ways to make the city more “age friendly” and easier for people with disabilities to get around downtown. Yay!

(Personally, I shop at the mall when I am forced to shop. And the City should provide more and free buses there for the disabled and aged. There is very little snow in the mall).

The article pointed out that it was hard to get around if someone was in a wheelchair.
Not really news, more an announcement of a new project.

Then I read the comments on the article. They were all negative.
A lot of them stated that no disabled people were consulted.

I thought, “really people”?
It was an announcement.

I also thought, “at least you could wait until it fails, or succeeds, before bashing the initiative”.

The next day I read about the City approving an amendment to the on-street parking bylaw to allow people to pay for parking with their cell phone.

My first thought was, “I guess that will be cheaper than clearing snow from the sidewalks so you could get to the parking meters, and so you could get a wheelchair from here to there”.

Crap. Welcome to the crowd.

Stay healthy. You will be needed...

Saturday, March 12, 2016


A Healthier Lifestyle

I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I started riding 14 miles a day.
I replaced butter with coconut oil, added more dairy (in the form of ice cream) and started to drink more water.

Therein lays the problem

My weight had dropped by 5 pounds after months of eating the coconut oil.
I was a svelte 195.

I added the punishing 14 mile ride (OK, it only takes an hour) thinking it would burn off more calories and I’ve heard cardio wasn’t that bad for your health.

Recently, I stepped on my scale and was not best pleased to find it suggesting that I am now 200 pounds.

I’m sure you’ve figured out the culprit.


Water weighs 10 pounds per gallon (Imperial not U.S.).
I drink 2 or 3 glasses of water while riding so I figure that I must be retaining at least half a gallon.

The Solution

I did eat a liter (about a quart) of ice cream over three days and I noticed that ice cream weighs a lot less than water.

From now on I will be having 2 or 3 glasses of ice cream instead of water when I ride.

It's a cat card...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mixed Vegetables

No glasses tonight. They are getting new lenses. I only need them to read but things that are close to me look blurry. As I eat my mixed vegetables I recall a recent story where a woman found a snake’s head in her canned green beans. 
With every forkful I think, “Hope this bite doesn’t taste like snake”.

Not a snake card...

Monday, March 7, 2016


I was worried about posting these brief humor labeled thoughts for fear people would start thinking I was being foolish.
The consensus is that I needn't worry.

For the entomologists in the crowd...


Another Thing

Judas Priest sang "You've got another thing coming".
I guess that would be Thing 2.

I thing we took a wrong turn...

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