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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don’t feel that forces beyond my control conspire against me. 
I do however feel that there is a force that tries to discourage people from doing good deeds. 
Don’t know why but it seems for each positive there is a negative. 
For example, in an effort to save the world, or at least lessen my impact on it, I started to drive slower for better fuel economy and drive less often when I can. I don’t use as much fuel so the price of gas went up. 
I don’t feel personally responsible but to test this theory maybe I should drive more and faster. If gas prices go down, should I buy a big SUV with a V8?
There is no recycling out where I live so I drive my recycling in to town but even returning my beer bottles in doesn’t pay for a gallon of gas. 
I saw a commercial with Dr. David Suzuki telling people that clothes lines were eco friendly. I thought putting up a clothes line would be a good idea. Anyway my wife told me to put one up. 
That was three days ago. It hasn’t stopped raining since. Doesn’t seem fair does it?
The garden is growing like crazy but the grass is too wet to cut. That’s a shame. :)

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