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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Easy Life...Maybe

Work from home. Earn $$$ while sitting on the beach. 

Sounds great doesn’t it. 
Set your own hours. No boss and no commuting (with the price of gas who could blame you?). 
Can you make money on the internet? Obviously some people can but can the average Joe or Jane? It’s not as easy as it sounds at least I haven’t found it so. 
I have made money on the web, coffee money as I call it. Certainly not what anyone would call an “income”. Yet.
I think the clues why may be in the ad lines. 
WORK FROM HOME. “I’m trying to avoid work and you’re telling me I’ve got to WORK”. EARN while sitting on the BEACH. “If I’ve got to EARN, that’s starting to sound like WORK”
I guess there is no getting around it. Anyone who thinks that the idea of generating either a full or part-time income, by working just a few hours a week from home, has sprung from the internet age must be fairly young or has been living under a rock (on the beach?). 

I remember reading classified ads in the back of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and others enticing readers to send anywhere from one to five dollars and a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) for recipes (hundreds of ways to prepare hamburger), plans (build your own laser) and information (secrets of the universe).

I’ve often thought if I had sent for the secrets of the universe they would surely include the hamburger and laser information. 

Oh well, nothing ventured… Anyway, the internet allows this sort of thing to work (there’s that word again) for just about anyone. If you can write (preferably one of the major languages), follow instructions and have a few hundred dollars, you can potentially reach The World. “A few hundred dollars?” “I thought this was going to be cheap”
It can be, but anyone who is not a programmer or who doesn’t have a lot of experience with websites might do better with a service that does the technical side of things for you. Not the work, mind you. You still have to work. A service can make it easier for everyone, geek or not, to compete.

Free or Nearly.

My blog on Google http://damccaskilland.blogspot.com/ is free.
My Facebook profile is free.
My Zazzle account is free.
I also had a website that cost me about $3.00 a month. I do have over ten years experience in Information Systems so I did things the hard way. Besides, back then the internet was a do it yourself kind of place.
My last job required long hours and included being on-call all the time. 
This turned me into a REST from home kind of person as opposed to a Work from home one. 
Now that I have more spare time I’m working on the EARN while on the beach or while sleeping. Just don’t sleep on the beach. It's easy to get burned there too. 
To be continued…

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