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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marketing and Privacy

Blog 3 #MAD405

Privacy (from Latin: privatus "separated from the rest).

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." - John Wanamaker

So you’ve finished your latest app “Left-handed Miffed Raptors”.
You’ve published your masterpiece to the Apple, Blackberry and Android stores.
Now you can sit back and let the cheques roll in. $ Cha-ching.

Not so. Unless you already have a following and your own evangelists (and even then) there is still marketing to do.

But how? My game is aimed at sinister (I know, not politically correct) game players with the intellect to appreciate the nuances of an adventure based around the actions of disgruntled fowl.

Big Brother(s) to the rescue
Your "Likes" define your intelligence on Facebook.

Defy definition. “Like” everything.

Facebook and Google have bought data collection companies and can now combine your online clicks, likes and searches with real world (you know, when you turn off your computer/phone/tablet, you do don’t you?) actions such as purchases where you use a rewards or customer loyalty card. So, whether its Trojan or Depend, they know.

I’m not a number!
No, you're a binary number.

What? They have a profile of me?

You did read those multi page documents before clicking “I Agree”, didn’t you? 
If not, here is a summary:
They (hereinafter referred to as the Company) can collect, combine, filter, distort, distill, dispense any and everything you (hereinafter referred to as you) post or even allude to.
They are working on reading your thoughts but so far the results have been disappointing :)

Your life/intelligence is not the only thing being "defined" by the analysis of collected data; companies are also prey to this compartmentalization.

Now I’m miffed. How does this help me market my app?

Well, data collected by Facebook indicates that people who clicked “Like” on curly fries are intelligent. (despite potatoes belonging to the Deadly Nightshade family, as well as the ramifications of deep fried fast foods). And, if they can determine your sexual preference, they probably know who is left-handed.

So, in setting up your online ads, target only sinister curly fry loving individuals with a propensity for waggling their thumbs in front of a screen for entertainment.
And, to make some extra cash, as well as provide a service to your followers, insert some ads into your game, maybe McCain and A535.

If you want a less hand specific game check out Springy 
This should be good for an extra mark.

Maybe this will be good for an extra mark
mLearnCon 2013
Book Early Step-by-Step Instruction for Building a Responsive Website (BYOL)

Go ahead and comment. WE ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

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  1. I didn't know potatoes were in the deadly nightshade family. You learn something new every day I guess. Interesting take on marketing. I guess we can take our lack of privacy as a good thing when it comes to selling our wares.

  2. Its a good thing that I have been purposefully "Liking" confusing things for years in an attempt to keep the agents who are running this Matrix from realizing that I am "The One". But wait... does that mean that the internet now has a poor opinion of my intellect? Just because of that time that I liked "Competitive nose picking" and "Don't shower for a month week" on Facebook... oh woe as me :(

  3. OK, after your promotion of Springy and my workshop at MLearn Conference, I guess I owe you some sort of suck up reward. What do you take in your coffee? :-)

  4. I was just seeing if you read all the way to the bottom, but I take my coffee black :)


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