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Monday, January 3, 2011


With 2011 firmly underway I am thinking of THE END OF THE WORLD as we know it.
Darn those Mayans.
2012 is looming and visions of Zombies dance through my head.
But fear not. A visit to your freezer should sooth your worried mind.
One look at that frozen pound of Canadian bacon tells you, you have nothing to dread.
Meat at that temperature just does not move. At my latitude we will only have to hold off the Zombies for the 2 or 3 weeks of Summer (or Black Fly/Mosquito Season as we call it). But what will we eat? Any place warm enough to grow food will be overrun and I don’t think any ad campaign that has BUY ZOMBIE as a tagline will go over well.
The answer may be to raise your own food. Who knows, you may qualify for tax credits as a rancher.
In case there is a 2013.

Poke fun at your slow friends.

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