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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Market Research

I got a call this Saturday morning or rather I would have if my wife hadn't picked up the phone. It was a market researcher. She told them not to call back.
I was pleased not to have answered the phone myself because a) it was Saturday morning and b) I don't care if your company wants my opinion.
Having browsed a lot of forums and feedback venues, I found that the comments directed at companies and their products were skewed towards the negative.
It seemed to me that people were more likely to take the time to say that a company and or their product(s) could be better, e.g. "Your company would be better run by monkeys", or "I've bought better stuff from a dollar store", than they were to offer praise.
If I am correct, people calling for opinions are starting off in a bad place.
If I wanted to say something about your company, it may not be what you wanted to hear.
If I am already your customer, I have paid for and expect a good product or service, so if you don't hear from me, everything is OK. "No news is good news".
N.B. My phones are for my convenience. I want to call and to hear from family and friends. And order pizza. No matter what time zone you are calling from, if my time is weekend, evening, suppertime, let's just make that anytime, I don't want to talk to you, so don't take it as a personal affront when I tell you not to call back or anything else that may slip out in an unguarded moment. And if you are trying to sell or even inform me of a not to be missed, once in a lifetime opportunity, well, I'll give it a miss thanks all the same.
I buy what I want when I can afford it. If I need help spending, I am sure I can get all the help I need right here at home, thanks anyway.
Hint for telemarketers: If you are on commission, don't waste your time. Move on.
Hint for researchers: If I have an opinion, I will give it. Just not to you.
All others: If I want to hear from you, I will let you know.
General hints: People prefer to be bothered in their own language by someone who enunciates each or at least most of the words. Rushing through a script does not help. VOIP and cell calls may be the norm but in no way are they as clear as the old landlines (POTS).
If a company comes up with a device that screens calls and deals with them like a junk mail filter, they will do really well.
I just hope they don't call me when they do :)
Now you have my opinion.

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