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Saturday, March 12, 2016


A Healthier Lifestyle

I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I started riding 14 miles a day.
I replaced butter with coconut oil, added more dairy (in the form of ice cream) and started to drink more water.

Therein lays the problem

My weight had dropped by 5 pounds after months of eating the coconut oil.
I was a svelte 195.

I added the punishing 14 mile ride (OK, it only takes an hour) thinking it would burn off more calories and I’ve heard cardio wasn’t that bad for your health.

Recently, I stepped on my scale and was not best pleased to find it suggesting that I am now 200 pounds.

I’m sure you’ve figured out the culprit.


Water weighs 10 pounds per gallon (Imperial not U.S.).
I drink 2 or 3 glasses of water while riding so I figure that I must be retaining at least half a gallon.

The Solution

I did eat a liter (about a quart) of ice cream over three days and I noticed that ice cream weighs a lot less than water.

From now on I will be having 2 or 3 glasses of ice cream instead of water when I ride.

It's a cat card...

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