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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Crowd

I read an article about the City and some organisations looking at ways to make the city more “age friendly” and easier for people with disabilities to get around downtown. Yay!

(Personally, I shop at the mall when I am forced to shop. And the City should provide more and free buses there for the disabled and aged. There is very little snow in the mall).

The article pointed out that it was hard to get around if someone was in a wheelchair.
Not really news, more an announcement of a new project.

Then I read the comments on the article. They were all negative.
A lot of them stated that no disabled people were consulted.

I thought, “really people”?
It was an announcement.

I also thought, “at least you could wait until it fails, or succeeds, before bashing the initiative”.

The next day I read about the City approving an amendment to the on-street parking bylaw to allow people to pay for parking with their cell phone.

My first thought was, “I guess that will be cheaper than clearing snow from the sidewalks so you could get to the parking meters, and so you could get a wheelchair from here to there”.

Crap. Welcome to the crowd.

Stay healthy. You will be needed...

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