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Sunday, March 6, 2016


I never thought I would have to worry about paparazzi. I'm not famous or rich so the idea of my photograph in front of an untold number of people never crossed my mind.

When I was growing up a friend used to bring over copies of the type of magazine you see at the grocery store check out.
I never thought to ask her if she bought them or how they came into her possession.
I remember thinking three things about those magazines. ''Who the heck makes up this stuff'', and ''These pictures can't be real'' and "Who would pay money for this"?

Time and technology marches on

The publications are still in the grocery stores and provide moments of mirth as I peruse the covers. Still more when I see someone purchase one.

Paparazzi seem to have adapted and added skills like posting to content mills (I was going to say News but I couldn't do it), blogging, tweeting as well as photo-shopping. Still, these paparazzi have been replaced by a group they never would have expected. Us.

We are the New Paparazzi

Our preoccupation with taking and posting selfies may well be doing the paparazzi out of, well, an occupation.
Even celebrities post their own pictures. Some are celebrities because they post their own pictures.

I recently saw a post from Neil Gaiman about a "Take an author to lunch day". And it got me thinking that if we obviate the need for paparazzi, maybe we should have a "Take a paparazzi to lunch day". Show them they are still appreciated.

If we aren't careful we could be standing in line at the checkout with nothing to look at.

You can look at this. You can even buy it...

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